AntlerGrow mineral spray:

  • Antlergrow is for all 4 seasons! Spring and summer for development. Fall and winter to attract.
  • Antlergrow is sprayed on natural browse and food plots deer already love to eat.
  • Antlergrow will last in and on the plants for over 2 months rain or shine.
  • Antlergrow covers over five acres with one gallon concentrate.
  • Antlergrow is a micro nutrition mineral spray that enhances plant growth benefiting all wildlife on your property.
  • Antlergrow has a sticker and surfactant making it rain fast on contact.
  • Antlergrow is always one ounce per gal of water except on young new plants use half ounce per gal of water
  • Antlergrow is the only mineral spray of its kind bringing the outdoorsman to the 21st century.

Our Blogs :

The AntlerGrow Crew

We are a team of professional outdoorsman who have been hunting and fishing our entire lives. We have also managed herds of deer on our properties for over 30 years. Part of this herd management includes planting food plots and amending the plant with minerals that are vital to herd health and optimum antler growth.

Wild deer get the mineral and nutrients from the plants

Wild deer get the mineral and nutrients from the plants they eat thru there natural habitat via natural browse. If the land they use is lacking of minerals they never reach there full potential. There are areas thru out the country that are high in nutrient rich soil and areas that aren't.. ...

Game birds get nutrition from Antlergrow

If you're a turkey or quail hunter, Antlergrow is a great tool for you. By spraying vegetation it boosts the plant not only for the deer, but for the birds as well. Game birds are buggers. They pick bugs, seed heads etc.. It's a chain reaction. Bugs eat the sprayed areas. Bugs are now more n...