Like most outdoor enthusiasts we live, eat and breathe the outdoors.

Throughout the years of intense land management on all sizes of properties, we have been able to make our own as well as other properties become all it can be. We have a different spin on things than what traditionally has been done in the past. No matter your goals, we want to exceed your expectations!


Natural Browse is the backbone of all wildlife. We will help you in creating and establishing a nutrient rich food source that’s already on your property. With minimal effort you can maintain and enhance what deer eat every day!

Food Plots are the second thing in the equation. Highly nutrient rich food year round is the most crucial part of a wildlife paradise. We can do everything from plant it for you to just get you going in the right direction for you to maintain.

Tree Enhancement is the third thing we can go over. From bulldozing new plots to select hinge cuts, we can assist. From planting fruit trees to mass crops, we want to make your property better than you can imagine.

Tree-stand placement is the fourth thing we can go over, from entering to exit. Getting in and out undetected is the most crucial factor.
Our list of services is extensive. The bottom line is we want you to have the best hunting property possible. Our goal is to help you get started and let you take it from there. For the do-it-yourselfers, this works great. In other cases, we are able to maintain your place year round recognizing that each property has different goals and needs.


  • Land Management Consulting
  • Food plot placement
  • Planting food plots
  • Bush hog mowing
  • Tree stand placement
  • Tree services
  • Camera survey

Game bird enhancement

  • liming
  • Fertilizing
  • Micronutrient spraying
  • Total land management

We have a full staff that can assist in any of your needs for total land management. We have you covered!
For more information, give us a call or send us an email!
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