About Us

We are consumers, no different than anyone else. As outdoorsmen and conservationists, we wanted something different than what’s available. We’ve been using micro nutrition for years. We believe in feeding the plants that fuels our wildlife as nature intended.

Our patented process is turning a solid mineral into a liquid concentrate. Through this process we are able to add a sticker and surfactant during manufacturing. This makes our delivery system to the plants and animals second to none. Antlergrow is rain fast on contact and feeds the plants and animals for longer periods of time. The same minerals are stuck to the outside that the plants ingest.

Thru this delivery system, we are now able to benefit plant growth, up digestible proteins, increase mineral content in the plants along with the same minerals being stuck to the outside for months, rain or shine.

The AntlerGrow Crew

We are a team of professional outdoorsman who have been hunting and fishing our entire lives. We have also managed herds of deer on our properties for over 30 years. Part of this herd management includes planting food plots and amending the plants with minerals that are vital to herd health and optimum antler growth.


Better crops, bigger deer

Traditionally, hunters would mix mineral supplements into a dirt plot to attract deer. But just over 14 years ago, we discovered a better way to influence the diet of the deer herds on our properties. When we started using micronutrients to enhance our food plots, we noticed that the deer began to eat all of the plants that were treated with these micronutrients—even the weeds. With this in mind, we decided to add the minerals that we amended the plants with into the micronutrients that we sprayed on our food plots with the hopes of growing bigger deer with bigger antlers.


The first and only micronutrient and mineral combination spray

Our AntlerGrow spray is the first and only micronutrient-rich food plot spray that also includes the minerals that deer need in their diets. When we first began using this spray, we treated the plants that the deer herds browsed on during the spring and summer, and our results were positive. After a few years, though, we began to spray the micronutrients and minerals on our plots in the fall and winter to attract the deer during hunting season. As a result, we have been able to give the deer the nutrients that they need year-round. AntlerGrow spray does not have any fillers, and it is not a fertilizer. Our spray is formulated from 100% natural micronutrient plant food and deer minerals.


Multi-purpose spray

AntlerGrow spray can be used over small or large areas and for various purposes throughout the year. During the spring and summer months, we spray AntlerGrow every six weeks on natural browse to promote antler growth, and during the fall and winter months, we spray it every eight weeks to attract deer to a specific area for hunting. We have tested this product in over ten different states, and the results are always the same—bigger antlers on bigger deer.

AntlerGrow is a revolutionary 21st Century product for serious hunters who want to attract and grow bigger deer.

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-The AntlerGrow Crew